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2013 20’′ Fish Brothers Continental

The boat has always been stored in a covered hoist during the boating season and in a garage (unheated) during the winter. I have had the boat professionally winterize and summarize each year (changing the oil annually, changing the impeller every 2 years, repacking the shaft when needed, etc. etc.). I’ve done my best to treat the boat and trailer with kid gloves since the beginning. I have also done the following:2006:(work done by fish Brothers) Varnish hull (2 coats), restripe decks. Clean, polish and install hardware. Install 4-blade prop. Install upgrade kit for carburetor. Unbolt coupling, adjust engine alignment, re-pack shaft log. Remove throttle rod, bushing; grease and reinstall. Replace temperature gauge. 2006: by Searra Custom Trailers Sand and repaint. Replace rims. Replace wire harness and safety chain. Replace wheel bearings. 2010: by fish Brothers Sand and varnish boat (2 coats). Sand and paint green on bottom of boat. Clean and polish all hardware.



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